The Rizzo Agency is the oldest Recommended Maritime Agency operating on the island of Pantelleria, founded by Cav. Giuseppe Rizzo in 1929.
Throughout its long presence in the territory, it has been able to expand and diversify its business, successfully managing everything regarding passenger transport, through the ticket office service and goods, through shipping service, to the complete satisfaction of its customers. Furthermore, thanks to its great passion for this unique island in the Mediterranean, the Agency has started managing the rental of pleasure boats and renting boat spaces on floating piers, allowing tourists to get to know it also through its wonderful coasts.
Ferry Ticket Office
We are the ticket office of Pantelleria Island for Caronte & Tourist, also issuing tickets to/from the minor Sicilian islands. In particular, thanks to our deep knowledge of maritime services, we are able to provide timely and accurate information on ferry movement. Tourists and companies coming to work on the island can contact us directly and quickly for a quote.
We handle shipments from Pantelleria to Italy and abroad, including parcels, suitcases and pallets, with the possibility of pickup at your own home. Moreover, we make same-day deliveries for goods and product distribution on the island of Pantelleria, with an express courier service, using our own staff and vehicles.
Boat Rental
We rent boats with 40 cc engines that do not require a boating license. It′s the best way to discover the most hidden spots of Pantelleria, offering a unique experience. All our boats are equipped with a canopy, shower, cool bag, complete cushions and safety equipment.
Upon request, it is possible to hire a skipper who will accompany you throughout the entire experience, advising you on the most beautiful coves of the island and providing complete assistance on board.
Maritime Agency Representative
We follow the movements of ships and/or yachts from their arrival to their departure in our port at 360°, both in the commercial field (cargo ships, passenger ships, cruise ships) and in the tourism sector (research vessels, yachts, pleasure boats, etc.) through a close collaboration with the ship commands in carrying out all administrative, customs, and health procedures. Our activity consists in the acquisition of freights, issuance of travel documents and bills of lading, in the embarking and disembarking of seafarers and in providing logistical support through our facilities and our staff. Upon request, we also organize guided tours and other activities to be carried out on the island, as well as the usual arrival/departure paperwork.
Boat Slips for Rent
At the Marina of Porto Vecchio, in the port of Pantelleria Centro, we offer moorings for small and medium-sized recreational boats.
To our boaters, we offer electricity, water, and a 24-hour video surveillance service.
Holiday Homes in Dammuso
We have a dense network of partners who provide tourists with accommodations and holiday homes in some of the most beautiful locations on the island.
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Availability and reliability.

Our agency is run by a close-knit team, made up of people who love their work and their island. We are always available to meet the diverse needs of our varied clientele, whether it is for technical services or activities related to leisure and tourism.
Availability, hospitality, and friendliness are the strengths of a business that has been taking care of tourists and customers for nearly a hundred years.


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