Our services include the collection and transport of packages and merchandise to and from Pantelleria.  Collection and delivery is assured both in Italy and internationally. For collection and delivery within Pantelleria we guarantee a same day service through our own facilities  and staff.


Times of delivery:     Shipments will be forwarded to the nearest  distribution centre from which day will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Collection:   All requests for collection of merchandise will be carried out the following day except for places extremely difficult to reach.

Undelivered goods:  In the event that delivery is no possible because of refusal of mistaken address or addressee unknown, or goods unclaimed,                                           the sender will be notified  immediately for new instructions for the disposal of the consigment to be given.

ance:   Insurance cover will be provided only if requiested in writing by the sender and if the request as been accepted before collection of                         the consignment. If the value of the mercandise has not been declared the carrier is liable under  law n 450 of  22 - 08 - 1985.

Requested Collection Services Offered

For further information on our tariff you many contact our office:

Telephone +39.0923.912921
       Mobile  +39.3388332281

      Tel/Fax. +39.0923.911104